He is an architect. Or at least he thinks so. He likes to write, and sing, and clap. He likes activities, he likes computer games, 3D software, art in many forms and disciplines, he likes to wonder about everything there is, until his brain is boiling. He likes to express himself, but haven’t found the proper way yet. He likes to explore, and to be explored. He likes attention, colors, chocolates, and food. He likes white trousers doing cartwheels, he likes juggling balls, clubs, staffs, sticks, people, emotions, behaviors, drinks, donuts, expressions, jokes and music. He is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. He drinks his coffee without sugar, his tequila with just a slice of lemon, he loves oranges, hats cats and dogs. He is Senior Watermelon.

You can contact him @ : mfountouklis@gmail.com


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