WaLLuX – Advanced Materials

This is a video, of a project that i worked in my masters program, in IAAC last year, along with Gianluca Santosuosso and Roberto Dumont. Our purpose was to combine concrete with fiber optic lens, creating a new, perforated type of concrete, that would ultimately light up. The concept of this project is that since optic fibers can carry light (both natural and artificial ) tremendous distances (more ore less 45 kmh) without any great loses, you can illuminate dark north spaces, by bringing light from the south sun exposed facades of your house, building or any other type of structure. In this way you can save a great deal of energy and money that you would otherwise spend to illuminate those spaces, and any way you look at it, natural light is always better!


About Κύριος Καρπούζης

Αρχιτέκτων χωρίς άδεια και αιτία, μουσικός μιας ζεστής θερινής νύχτας, ζογκλέρ καρπουζιών, ανισσόροπος ακροβάτης, ρομαντικός παραμυθάς εννίοτε και ποιητής, δειλός συγγραφέας, πιστός των αστρολογικών προβλέψεων, της πίστης, της μοίρας, της Σκύλας και της Χάρυβδης.
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