Thesis project – Concert hall park

As the day of the presentation draws near, July the second, here are some renders of the music park that me and Ilaria designed, for our thesis project. A park that is hanging from 4 tube like structures joined together by a rigid shadowing panel that corresponds with the suns path, to provide optimal shadow on the ground. The program of the park includes various sports activities, 2 stages and two auditoriums, the main hanging over the riverside right across Manhattan, and the secondary is elevated, hanging over the center of the park. Two main ramps give access to these stages and create the pathways for the circulation of the park. Secondary pathways provide runways for cyclists and runners. In the entrance a semicircle is developed as a market where freelance artists and designers can sell their products, as well as concert oriented markets of musical instruments, and other products. A large suspended bridge provides the connection between the two stages and serves as a dancing platform, also hosting the various venting structures (bars food points and toilets) giving clear view directions over Manhattan. Here are some renders of the project.

More news after the presentation, until then , good luck to all of us!


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2 Responses to Thesis project – Concert hall park

  1. Ρε, είναι πολύ εντυπωσιακό. Συγχαρητήρια!

    • thnx thnx thnx!! Οι κριτικές ήταν μέτριες αλλα΄τι ξέρουν αυτοί ε; χααχαχαχχα 😛 Προσπαθούσα να σε πάρω τηλ παρεπιπτόντως σήμερα, θα δοκιμάσω και αργότερα

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