Tree-housing with IAAC

The last week, 17-21 of May us, the students of IAAC (Institute of advanced architecture of Catalyna) designed and constructed a tree house in the area of Can Valldaura in a beautiful place, inside the forest northwest of Barcelona. The project was supervised organized and directed by the IAAC, and two of our tutors were there to assist us, as well as DR TREE and CANOPY MEG.  The project was done in four days and presented the last day, along with a BBQ at the estate of can Valldaura. The first day the students were organized in small groups of 4-5 to propose a design of a treehouse for 1-2 people, according to some given specifications of the workshop. Some of the most important restrictions were about the impact of this house to nature. Only dead trees were cut into pieces, and all the materials used were used for the structure arming and coverage of the project.

The project was a simple but incredibly interesting experiment on tensegrity structures, which gave us a lot of real scale experience on how an idea can be actually build and which are the problems and constraints that occur during the scaling up, from a small scale model, to a large scale structure. The days we spend in the mountains was a perfect change of reality that relaxed all of us, even if hard labour was involved. For sure this project was a big success, and we all hope it stays up there, between the trees for many years to come.

Here is a link to the official BLOG of our school project


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Αρχιτέκτων χωρίς άδεια και αιτία, μουσικός μιας ζεστής θερινής νύχτας, ζογκλέρ καρπουζιών, ανισσόροπος ακροβάτης, ρομαντικός παραμυθάς εννίοτε και ποιητής, δειλός συγγραφέας, πιστός των αστρολογικών προβλέψεων, της πίστης, της μοίρας, της Σκύλας και της Χάρυβδης.
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7 Responses to Tree-housing with IAAC

  1. Sam says:

    Woooow… So impressive!!! Did you have the chance to sleep there?

  2. maizena says:

    ωραία πράγματα!!
    μπράβοooo 😀

  3. Ρε είναι πολύ καλό. Οι αρκούδες και οι τίγρεις θα δυσκολευτούν πάρα πολύ να σας φτάσουν.

  4. kaede says:

    Nice! Thymizei ligo proskopikes kataskeues!:P me ta ksula kai tous kompous kai tin pleksi k ola auta.. an kai ntaksei, ayto den akoumpaei kan sto edafos 🙂 poly mprosta!!

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