Pictures and thoughts

In a world where crows rule the rooftops of the skyline,

what could one hope to find, other than dirt, garbage and carcasses?

It’s a relief to witness that the smiles of the poor,

the laughter of the hungry and the persistence of a struggling community,

keep these bloodthirsty vultures at bay.


When the old and the new are walking side by side..

It’s a flow of motion without obstacles,

despite the different speeds and shapes that time created.

Only the wheel retains his own geometry and function.

everything is going..

everything slides..

In the chaos of diversity

rules a functional order,

an anarchy with discipline.

photo and text by la mannetta.


About Κύριος Καρπούζης

Αρχιτέκτων χωρίς άδεια και αιτία, μουσικός μιας ζεστής θερινής νύχτας, ζογκλέρ καρπουζιών, ανισσόροπος ακροβάτης, ρομαντικός παραμυθάς εννίοτε και ποιητής, δειλός συγγραφέας, πιστός των αστρολογικών προβλέψεων, της πίστης, της μοίρας, της Σκύλας και της Χάρυβδης.
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