Omnes viæ Romam ducunt

Two and a half days a certainly not enough to see a city that has a history around 2500 years. Especially when sometimes time seems to pass by so quickly. Well, since i don’t really fancy talking about it, i will let the photos do the talking for me. In case i feel hitting you with a remark, i will not hesitate. The only thing that i will say is that it was an incredible trip, in an incredible city, with amazing atmosphere and energy, with people so close to our country, that felt almost like home. Its a pitty that i didn’t have more time to spend there. Thanks to all that made me feel this city the way it should be felt.

Campo De’ Fiori

View of the Colosseo from Via del Fori imperiali

View of the Fori Imperiali

Fori Imperiali

7 slots left in the Basilica di San Paolo fuori le mura, until the world ends…

me and my friend Jules

Angels and Demons

Thank god there are still some romantic people

The Pantheon.

Fontana di Trevi. Legend has it that if you turn your back to the water and throw a coin while making a wish, the next time you return your wish will be granted. So the legend says.

Castel di San Angelo by night


Roma by night from piazza del Popolo – magic

Many thanks to my guide that told me all the interesting stories about Roma, and its history and legends, and with her enthusiasm made me feel connected with them.

Thanks la Mannetta!

I hope all of you go to this beautiful city and get a part of its magic, character and craziness! As for me, i will wait for the next time i go to Roma, to see if me wish will come true.


About Κύριος Καρπούζης

Αρχιτέκτων χωρίς άδεια και αιτία, μουσικός μιας ζεστής θερινής νύχτας, ζογκλέρ καρπουζιών, ανισσόροπος ακροβάτης, ρομαντικός παραμυθάς εννίοτε και ποιητής, δειλός συγγραφέας, πιστός των αστρολογικών προβλέψεων, της πίστης, της μοίρας, της Σκύλας και της Χάρυβδης.
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