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Pictures and thoughts

In a world where crows rule the rooftops of the skyline, what could one hope to find, other than dirt, garbage and carcasses? It’s a relief to witness that the smiles of the poor, the laughter of the hungry and … Continue reading

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Και ποιός να σου πει;

Και ποιός να σου χε πει, ότι θα ζούσες έτσι; και ποιός να σου πει πως τα χρόνια θα περνούσαν τόσο αργά μα στο τέλος τόσο γρήγορα. Ποιός να σου το χε πει πως θα αγαπούσες κούφιες καρδιές και θα … Continue reading

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Αντίο Αθήνα – Piacere Roma – Hola Barcelona!

Today i found this really cool song from Natalie Merchant called : Kind and generous. It has this amazing video clip with acrobats and jugglers, its really amazing. I didn’t have time to check out the lyrics yet so i … Continue reading

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Omnes viæ Romam ducunt

Two and a half days a certainly not enough to see a city that has a history around 2500 years. Especially when sometimes time seems to pass by so quickly. Well, since i don’t really fancy talking about it, i … Continue reading

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